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In 2000 the 302 was finally mated, to a toploader, 4 speed transmission. I removed the little engine that could, detailed the engine compartment and installed the V8. I had driven close to 50,000 miles with the six cylinder and three speed and now had mixed emotions about the swap. No longer a teenager, the rational side of me was coming out. Should I keep the car original?Well, the first turn of the key with the 302 quickly erased any of that nonsense. Just the sound of the dual exhaust made it all worth while. I enjoyed the new power and 4 speed, it was a new car for me. The feeling of wide open throttle in second gear is awesome, the little Mustang moves!The only down fall was the lack of overdrive, which many cars from the sixties needed. In 2006, I installed a Borg Warner T 5 transmission out of a late model Mustang. The fifth gear was basically an overdrive and made driving the interstate comfortable. Summer of 1986 I decided to replace the battery apron because of rust.

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They all take the position that these businesses have not redefined industries in a fundamental way and they have more similarities than differences with traditional businesses, and should be regulated accordingly. Rafi Mohammeds conclusion is to deregulate the taxi industry and let competition decide whether taxi companies are up for the challenge to innovate which they have the potential for. At the same time the author duo concludes that some regulation is needed because of consumer protection and employee safety, but the regulation should treat service providers the same way. This seeming difference can be easily resolved by pointing out that regulations role is to set up frameworks to correct market failures but leave room for markets at the same time. While from a pricing perspective there should not remain any regulation, other aspects of the business might still warrant some kind of regulation. I wrote an introduction on the regulations role in the Uber vs taxi war, and another article by Rafi Mohammed titled The Taxi Industry Can Innovate, Too proposes options the taxi industry should take to step up in the competition.

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None of their tips or habits are compulsory, and some even contradict one another, but together they represent craft perfected to the level of art. HOW TO WRITE IT. There is, however, the wisdom of the greats. One never knows what it will be, and I create these non text outlines of my books so I can just sort of sit there and look at them and see if I can see imbalances and things that arent working based on these really weird color coded designs I create. It was my attempt to shed light on things. Although theres room for a LOT of variety in this genre, the overall structure is pretty consistent. The following questions can help you create a motivating story outline: After answering these questions, youll have a pretty good idea of what happens in your story. When youre young, chess is all right, and music and poetry. Use red herrings but dont use them to cheat your reader. Entice them with the promise of surprising revelations. The Writers Handy List Of 111 Negative Adjectives To Describe A Person. The academics dont know that the only thing you can do for someone who wants to write is to buy him a typewriter. , James M. Cain, The Art of Fiction No. Astute and Witty Essays on the Role of Women in Society, A good setting may be the spark your story needs, Something always sparks off a novel, of course. The cat sat on the mat is not a story; the cat sat on the dogs mat is the beginning of an exciting story, and out of that collision, perhaps, there comes a sense of retribution.

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