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Then youll remember that youre only writing a paper on the economic situation in Sri Lanka and get real sad again. But youll be super motivated!E C O N, who can do it?YOU CAN!Again, Im sorry. Instamotivation overdose. Greatist is one of the best websites Ive found in a long time. The goal?To breakdown health, fitness and general wellness information to interesting and easily digestible bites. The site is littered with infographics, research based articles with takeaways at the bottom for those moments when youre pressed for time, recipes and polls that ask some tough questions about the state of health and wellness in the country all in a conversational, easy to understand format.

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Begin with a simple statement of why you do the work you do. Support that statement, telling the reader more about your goals and aspirations. Second paragraph. Tell the reader how you make decisions in the course of your work. How and why do you select materials, techniques, themes?Keep it simple and tell the truth. Third paragraph. Tell the reader a little more about your current work. How it is grew out of prior work or life experiences. What are you exploring, attempting, challenging by doing this work. Your artists statement is a piece of very personal writing. Let it simmer overnight before your reread it.

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Charles Murray implies in the article, " Are Too Many People Going To College?", that college education is important and crucial for those who plan for their future and will take it seriously. College is not for everyone and more people should understand that. Being that a lot of people go to college without a plan and don't take it seriously leads to dropouts and a struggle to keep a good job. This is supported in the text when the author offers, One aspect of this phenomenon has been labeled misaligned ambitions, meaning that adolescents have career ambitions that are inconsistent with their educational plans. " I agree with the author because it is easily noticeable in my own community. I personally believe that people should have a plan before they enter college so their time isnt wasted and so they can have a career that they can enjoy and do for the rest of their lives. In this article the author states that the concept of college is changing as many people is going to college because of the social norm. The author strengthens his arugument by stating that college is not for everyone. He gives example about career path the doesn't require college degree and the person can still have a great life. I do agree with the author. However, I believe that going to college and earning the degree can significantly impact a person's life. College education/ degree does provide great financial benefit at the same time it teaches skills that are very important in order to succeed in life. Scott Richey is a reporter covering college basketball at The News Gazette. His email is [email protected] gazette. com, and you can follow him on Twitter @srrichey. Brad Underwoods take on recruiting rankings are a little bit like the scoring system from Whose Line is it Anyway? You know everything is made up and the points dont matter. Thats how Underwood views the different rankings that hand out anywhere between usually three and five stars to players in each recruiting class. That said, college basketball fans follow recruiting rankings almost religiously. And while there are always misses some prospects underrated, others given too much hype theres some validity to those stars. A numerical value, too, when it comes to the 247Sports Composite where a 0. 9999 is as high as it gets. Think Memphis bound James Wiseman at least before he bailed in the Class of 2019. I took it upon myself to look at those composite rankings for every player Illinois offered in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes from Underwoods first full class as Illini coach to his most recent completed class. The average composite rating fluctuated from 0. 9172 to 0. 8932 to 0. 9546 in those three classes, respectively. In terms of stars, those numbers essentially had Illinois recruiting, on average, a low three star recruit in 2018 and 2019 and a top 100 recruit in 2020. Ayo Dosunmu 0. 9888 just edged out Adam Miller 0. 9884 as Illinois top rated recruit in that three year period.

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