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The presidential election in Tennessee is a total bust. I voted green both of those times, and if Democrats havent managed to repress the green vote entirely, which they have been trying to do, I am thinking my vote will count the most toward matters that I care about if I vote third party. No matter what, my vote isnt going to help a Democrat win, even if I voted Democrat, because the Electoral College in Tennessee already is predestined to go unanimously Republican. It isnt fair. When are we going to figure out how to abolish the electoral voting system and have a true democracy?I dont know if we ever will. You should be ashamed if you vote for Donald Trump, if any of these conditions fit you. There are plenty of other reasons I could list, but this should be enough. Please think before you destroy the future of the USA. Donald Trump paid more for with prostitutes and in hush money during the past two decades than in US taxes. One thing that is new and of great significance is the staggering amount of debt that Trump has. He owes nearly $500 million, and we dont know who he owes.

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English 10 Wed. Literature 12 Mon. 8. Wed. Business Management Program Daytime Busn. 301: Management Busn. 331 : Basic Basic Busn. Math. 3:00 4:30 In Industry 1:00 '2:30 Business Math 3. 00 4:30 Business Management Program Evenings 7 10 p. m. | We accidentally allowed a comment by Fred which did not meet Learning Network commenting standards, and have taken it down. I personally believe that in order to maintain the peace and security of the constitution while simultaneously limiting the scope of the Federal Government, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are going to need to make one thing clear that the Federal Government is Wall Street. How is it that we can begin to see Main Street growing like a dream that no part of the American political dichotomy could refuse?Restructure taxes for minimum wage earning individuals and small businesses. Dont tax the rich either, just give them no incentive to climb the corporate ladder and kick it out from under them so that no one else aspire. Shop locally. Join the debate that is surfacing instead of sitting behind a computer. The secret is out, Occupy Wall Street is starting to become a beacon of light for all of us, the 99%. I am a 17 year old senior at Stuyvesant High School in Lower Manhattan, and I was arrested for Disorderly Conduct along with sixty other protesters on the second Saturday of Occupy Wall Street. As far as I know, I was one of the only minors to have been placed under police custody, and I spent 6 and a half hours in jail for following police orders and exercising my right to peacefully assemble and speak freely. I feel that the overall grievances of the movement are pretty clear and stem from the fact that the answer to each of those 5 Points is Yes. Using GNI coefficient as a measure of income inequality, our wealth disparity is now worse than Pakistan, equivalent to that of the 20s gilded age, and getting worse every day. Congresss wealth increased over 16% since the recession began, and over half of them are millionaires compared to less than a percentage point overall in the nation. They use inside trading to further their goals, and serve the monied interests who paid for their campaigns and lobby them, rather than their constituents watering down Dodd Frank to near ineffectiveness, stalling progressive tax reform, etc. You couldnt find a greater Obama supporter than me, 3 years ago. But now its clear to me that, sadly, he is a slightly attenuated version of more of the same. He has gotten more money from Wall St than all the Big Banks combined. He has not been free with information, has imprisoned and killed American citizens without trial and, when he had a supermajority in Congress, chose to funnel money to special interests in healthcare and education rather than actually spend on our crumbling infrastructure. And Large Banks?God. They took toxic mortgage assets, bet on them 45 1, basically creating 45 imaginary dollars out of 1 real dollar, sold them to customers while shorting them themselves, barely held any ACTUAL capital, used this all to make short term profits, and then when the entire economy crashed because they bet so heavily on such toxic assets, they asked US for a bail out, and then lobbied vehemently against all reform that wouldve actually assured most of this would not happen again. They own our government.

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