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Having used Hotspot Shield VPN personally now for quite some time, I must say that you have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain with this amazing internet security software. Try it!Original Source: n recent years, the internet has become an extremely important part of our lives. We work, play, communicate, shop, trade, and entertain ourselves with it. Moreover, the availability of laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, and such gadgets has made it easier to connect to internet from anywhere and anytime. As this has progressed, we notice that internet resitrictions imposed by network administrators, and even governmental authorities in some cases have started to really hinder our ability to use our favorite tool of communication, entertainment, and information. School, university, or workplace authorities sometimes block social networking and entertainment sites in order to keep the internet lovers busy studying or doing their office work.

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Federal government websites often end in . gov or . mil. Before sharing sensitive information,make sure you're on a federal government site. The site is secure. Thehttps:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that anyinformation you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely.

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A recent Rand Corporation study suggests that only fifty seven percent of Service Members attempt to transfer credits earned in the military to outside academic institutions. Forty seven percent of those that did, were not satisfied with the number of credits that were awarded. The Army should also encourage education by offering an Army War College style education to Enlisted Members who have a desire to pursue a graduate degree. This can be used in conjunction with the current STEP system for NCOES. Other lessons learned from the Officer Corps can be utilized to encourage education amongst Enlisted Soldiers. It is common for Senior Officers to require reading, discussion and report writing for subordinate Officers. NCOs should incorporate this style of learning via Company level NCODP. A common theme exists with Enlisted Soldiers who fail to take advantage of educational opportunities. Typically, these Soldiers cite the lack of free time to complete college level studies. This obstacle can be tackled at the lowest level of Army leadership. A top down approach to encouraging education starts with allowing Soldiers who are pursuing a certain credit threshold to be relieved of some additional duties which are counterproductive to their studies. If an increased focus on academics can be achieved without compromising military objectives, it is the responsibility of the leadership to encourage its Soldiers to develop themselves by furthering their education. The GoArmyEd Portal, which Soldiers at all levels utilize to request tuition assistance and track degree progress is in desperate need of an over haul. The system is antiquated and very cumbersome to use. The customer support staff has difficulty assisting in even the most basic functions, as the approval process for courses is typically done at the state or installation level. Upgrading this system will show the force that the Army is serious about making enrollment as easy as possible. When debating the merits of civilian versus military education, it is important to recognize the different purposes behind each form of education. Military education largely exists to meet current operational requirements of the force. Recent changes in PME have done a fantastic job in fostering a climate of educational excellence. Continued development and monitoring of the PME changes will be required to ensure that Service Members are benefiting from this exposure to education. When Service Members rely solely on the PME system to fulfill their educational needs, they risk not being properly prepared for reintegration into the civilian job market. No matter how long an individual Soldier serves within the ranks of the Army, civilian education will set the stage for increased earning power and a higher standard of living throughout ones life. At every level of leadership within the Armys ranks, lies the responsibility to assist subordinates with developing and implementing an educational plan that will ensure long term success. By changing the mentality on how education is viewed, the Army can make the two pronged approach to education a reality and will be better prepared to accomplish the mission and provide for the welfare of all Soldiers. Staff Sgt. Wahl, is a Recruiting and Retention NCO with the MN ARNG Recruiting and Retention Battalion.

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