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We used Efrons method for handling ties. We report the Wald P value for each predictor of interest. Students with psychiatric difficulties may be less likely to persist in school once they return. To address the issue of persistence in college, we reran analyses ie, log rank test, unadjusted Cox model, and the final adjusted model after setting the endpoint as return to college with no subsequent failure or dropout. We also estimated the duration in college while in OnTrack, defined as the time between college return and either college graduation, failure or dropout from college, or termination from OnTrack. As we could not extract the exact date of college return from the medical records, we estimated the duration in college while in OnTrack in 6 month time units. Finally, data extracted from records were limited to events that took place while patients received treatment in OnTrack. However, which patients disengage from treatment may not be random eg, patients either doing very well or very poorly may be disproportionately represented among those who disengage early. To assess if early terminators differ from patients who stay in treatment, we compared these 2 groups with respect to baseline demographic and clinical variables. As OnTrack was offered to patients as a 2 year or more program, we defined early terminators as those who ended their treatment in OnTrack prior to 2 years. Of the 114 patients in OnTrack who were pursuing a college degree, 93 81.

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