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He has the power to "grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States" 394, he has the power to declare war, and as Franklin Roosevelt showed during II 397, the president can "exercise extraordinary power over food rationing and the economy, only partly with congressional authorization. " The president is the "Chief Diplomat" Cummings, 398, the president has "sole power to negotiate and sign treaties" 399, the president "has the sole power to recognize or not recognize foreign governments" 400, and both the "arrows and the olive branch depicted " Judith Evans 1996Policy has also been defined as being: "A set of interrelated decisions taken by a political actor or group of actors concerning the selection of goals and means of achieving them within a specified situation where those decisions should, in principle, be within the power of these actors to achieve. " Jenkins, 199Policymaking, or the formation of policies is stated to have two dimensions, which are:Dimension One: It is carried out by a specific set of actors; and Dimension Two: It is according to some specific type of process. The term "Ex Ante V. Post Hoc Policy" is definitive of the fact that policy is sometimes created in expectation that it will be a force that drives decisions and in fact preceding decisions and affecting the method and manner in which decisions are made. This view is in contrast with the view of policy as being the Every year, several thousand actions are referred to committees.

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In addition, assets in excess of the so called protected spousal amount can be sheltered through special spousal trusts, or by court orders. In addition, it may be possible to protect the combined income of the spouses for the needs of the non nursing home spouse. Divorce as a Medicaid planning option. Clearly, the most common cases in which divorce is considered as a planning option are second marriage cases, and especially those of short duration. The critical issue in these cases, in deciding whether divorce or remaining married will provide the best result will often be the extent to which the representatives of the two family groups can trust one another. This is the case because the best methods for protecting assets of a spouse in the nursing home involves transferring assets to the non nursing home spouse, or into a trust for the benefit of the non nursing home spouse, and giving that non nursing home spouse the ability to redirect where those assets will go upon his/her death.

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