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Expectancy relates to students self efficacy, students confidence in their cognitive skills Bandura and Schunk, 1981. Student self efficacy is influenced by past experiences and familiarity with the task Bandura, 1993; Schunk, 2000. Students perceptions of competence about personal skills and abilities are influenced by the learning environment. Positive learning environments provide nurturing experiences for students to build their self confidence in their skills. Students are able to develop their skills comfortably without the fear of failure. Students develop a familiarity with the skills necessary to complete the tasks. It is this familiarity with the tasks that builds students self efficacy Eccles and Wigfield, 1993. Expectancy motivational theory addresses the question of Can I do what is being asked? or Am I capable of accomplishing this task?The final area of motivational theory relates to the affective domain and identifies students emotional reactions to the task and self worth evaluation. A central part of all classroom achievement is the need for students to protect their sense of worth or personal value Covington, 1984. Self worth theory focuses attention on the pervasive need implied within the conflicting interests of desire to approach success that invokes social recognition and a feeling of competence and to avoid failure that causes a sense of worthlessness and social disapproval Covington, 1984; Pintrich and Schunk, 1996. Students perceptions of the causes of their successes and failures influence the quality of their future achievement.

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These concepts or theories should come from the assigned course readings. APA format Title Page Citations in the body of the paper to correspond with the sources on your reference page. Separate reference page, listing the full information in APA format. Provide a summary of the project focus and present its importance and relevance to the sociological study of diversity. Choose a current research method that is appropriate and sociological in nature. Select an appropriate measurement tool: an observation checklist, content analysis, or questionnaire see Resources.

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