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The edges are hemstitched and finished with dainty lace. The pieces may be made any desired size and the pillow foundation may be made round, oval or square as the fancy dictates. YOUR son or daughter is your dearest possession and as such is, in your estimation, entitled to the best things our land affords. Are you as a parent, doing your part to help them with a training in one of the most vital "little" things of life the matter of planning and accomplishing a sure financial success?IN the home which has only one servant or none at all, every dainty service saving trick should be used which will give distinction to the meal. Every time saver in beforehand preparation and in after clearance should be employed, too. OUR new house was built while we were in La Jolla for the summer," said Mrs. Howard Dunlap of Emporia, Kansas. "The little stucco chicken house, built in with the garage, occasioned no little speculation in the neighborhood. The college president, who lives down the block, confessed that he thought it was to be an ash house. PEPPERS, one of the easiest crops to grow in the home garden, very often fail to produce because some simple rule has not been followed. THE walk leading from the curb to a neighbor's home was laid several years ago by a contractor who took the work on a job basis.

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McMillian and Seal have traveled the United States receiving awards for the North Carolina NWTF Wheelin Sportsman chapter. I just have a special place in my heart for people. Its really important for us to not think about ourselves, but about other people, said McMillian. He wanted to thank members of the local group of the NWTF, the Surry Long Spurs, for their help with the event. He also wanted to thank Charlie and Ed Shelton for opening up their vineyard for the event. They just opened their arms and invited us to come to do this and thats just unheard of. Charlie and Ed Shelton have really supported us and allowed us to come over there and do this. Theres no way you can thank everybody, but Im grateful to our sponsors that their money and their contributions make this possible. This is a free event to all disabled persons and their families. Anyone who would like to volunteer for the event is welcome as well. McMillian said volunteers or participants can sign up or preregister by calling 789 4986. For the everyday citizen, its a rare opportunity to voice an opinion to the president about important issues like health. But local citizens can do that Tuesday, when the Mountain Valley Hospice and Palliative Care hosts a community wide meeting to gather public comments on health care issues for use by the Obama Biden transition team. The meeting will be held at 3 p. m. on Tuesday at Mountain Valley Hospice and Palliative Care on 401 Technology Lane in Mount Airy. According to a statement released last week, Dr. Glenn Golaszewski, Mountain Valley Hospices medical director, said that the American Association of Hospice and Palliative Medicine received an electronic notice from the Obama Biden team encouraging various groups and their constituents to assemble informal health care forums in their communities. Golaszewski said the objective is to gather input from the public about important health care issues to help the new administration shape its health care policy. This is a chance for the community to have a voice that the president will hear, Sheila Jones, the director of development at MVHPC, said last week. There are not many chances to send your opinion to the president.

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