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Please schedule Library Use Instruction sessions as far in advance as possible by calling Ryan Harrington at ext. 2141 or emailing . Faculty members are encouraged to recommend materials for the library collection. Submit your recommendations by emailing . The library does have a Collection Development Policy available for your information and comment. Individual faculty members and departments may place supplemental materials on Reserve at the Circulation Desk for student use. Reserve materials may be taken from the library general collection or instructors may bring in material of their own, books or articles. The terms and use of the reserve material is determined by the instructor. Please complete the online Faculty Reserve Form and bring the material and form to the library so the material can be placed on reserve. If you have any questions call Melissa Hopkins at ext. 2177 or Ryan Harrington at ext.

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San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass. Hernandez, A. , Kaplan, M. A. , and Schwartz, R. 2006. Assessing EnglishLanguage Learners in Mainstream Classrooms. The Reading Teacher, 601, 24 34. Lesaux, N. K. , and Crosson, A.

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Of course, the most obvious application of a prcis is connected to its function as a summary. In academic writing, we summarize sources all the time. Once you have written a prcis, you can incorporate some of its sentences or ideas into your writing when you need to quickly account for a texts argument, content, or purpose. Etymologically, analysis comes from the Ancient Greek terms for throughout and loosening. When you analyze something, you deconstruct it, extract its parts, peer inside to see how everything fits together. You thoroughly loosen it in order to understand it better. When youve used a prcis to lay out the primary elements of this text the author; the arguments what, how, and why; and the audience in front of you, youre ready to move on with your analysis. Analysis of nonfiction texts can take several forms, but three common ones are: evaluation and critique, comparison, and reflection. Evaluating a text requires you to use your analysis to consider and critique the strengths and weaknesses of that piece of writing. Look back at the argument and audience and ask yourself some of these questions:Detailed answerswith examplesto any of these or similar questions could generate enough material for a close, analytical evaluation. Make sure that you are connecting your assertions about what works and doesnt work in this text to the author, the arguments development and purpose, and the audience. Make sure that you are looking deeply at how and why various elements of the text and its argument succeed or falter. Through comparison, you bring together an analysis of more than one text. Start by writing a prcis for each piece you have to compare. Then look at each prcis sidebyside and ask yourself about how a sentence in one prcis relates to the corresponding sentence in the other prcis. Here are some questions to guide your thinking:Reflection provides you with space to analyze a text in light of your experiences, perspectives, and ideas. In this kind of writing, you get to talk about yourself. In a way, a reflective analysis is kind of like a comparative analysis where the second text is you. Look back at that rhetorical prcis and ask yourself questions like these, or other questions that connect what you know and have experienced with the text you have read:In order to analyze a text, you need to understand key elements of it. Closely reading that text and summarizing it through a rhetorical prcis can help you understand it better. In large part, the quality of your analysis will be dependent on the quality of your comprehension.

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