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One view of the Fellowship, with some popularity on the cores.html">secular left, is of a sort of theocratic Blackwater, advancing a conservative agenda in the councils of power throughout the world. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a friend of the Fellowship, might dispute that viewif she spoke about the group, which she does not. The Fellowships participants there is no official membership describe themselves simply as followers of Jesus, an informal network of friends seeking harmony by modelling their lives after his. They are assertively nondoctrinal eschewing even the term Christian and nonecclesiastical denominations tend to be divisive, and although the core figures are evangelicals, they do not believe in proselytizing. I have spoken to Buddhists, Muslims, and Jews who consider themselves part of this network. The group rejects anything resembling a formal structurethere is no titled executive team, and even the name Fellowship is unofficial, an informal convenience.

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That, and its success at making celebrities out of a few leading stars, have made the industry increasingly acceptable company for the makers and marketers of mainstream pop culture. But what about the other material, the "dogs, horses, 12 year old girls, all this crazed Third World s"?To imagine that a great engine of exploitation and abuse doesnt lie behind this imagery is to live in a fantasy world. Just last year, for example, French star and 22 time surgical patient Lolo Ferrari died of a drug overdose at the age of 30. Much of the material arises in developing countries especially Thailand and the Philippines and makes use of subjects whose participation is driven by abject poverty if not outright duress. Though there has been little study of the subject, the conventional wisdom of the industry is that the typical customer is a reasonably educated and affluent male in his late 30s or early 40s. Its not a business that has traditionally had any interest in marketing itself to kids.

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But Black Wall Street, despite its inspirational story of black uplift, has always been defined by its relationship to white people. The district declined in part because of urban renewal but also because integration laws passed in the 1960s allowed blacks to spend their dollars elsewhere in Tulsa. Black people with means could choose to live in other parts of the city. Racial solidarity became a personal choice rather than a necessity dictated by white political rule. Black folks thrived in a way because we were concentrated in a particular area, says Regina Goodwin, who grew up in Greenwood and now serves as the only black woman in Oklahomas House of Representatives. There was a boatload of talent right in that area, so you saw pilots of planes, you saw hotel owners, newspaper editors. There was an intent to be well and to do well. At the same time, white businesses have begun encroaching on what used to be an all black space. Greenwood lies just east of Tulsa Arts District, the citys revitalized downtown commercial square with the requisite Brooklyn in a box coffee shops, boutique stores, and ramen restaurants. Now Greenwood Avenue itself is home to a gourmet burger joint, a SoulCycle like exercise studio, and a luxury apartment building that lists its proximity to Trader Joes as a perk on its website that grocery store is actually in South Tulsa large portions of North Tulsa are food deserts. Fire wielding rioters werent able to destroy Greenwood, but the gears of capitalism just might. With the physical Black Wall Street slowly being eclipsed by modern businesses with no ties to its heritage, preserving the story of the district and determining who gets to tell that story becomes all the more important. Watkins, the Tulsa native directing the local play with the black cast, is white. So is Corinda Marsh, whose novel Holocaust in the Homeland was optioned for the film that Tim Story is directing. Its not unusual for white artists to shape black historical narratives Marsh told me she wants the movie based on her book to be as strong as Gone With the Wind but the practice has been met with more pushback in recent years. When HBO announced that Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were making Confederate, a show about an alternate reality in which the South won the Civil War and slavery is still legal, critics dismissed the concept as white nonsense earlier this year Deadline reported that the show is unlikely to be completed; an HBO spokesperson says it is still in development. Questions concerning cultural appropriation and narrative ownership dominate the discourse over art and entertainment in ways they never have before. Watkins says she weighed whether she ought to be doing a play centered on the black experience, and asked people in Tulsas black community whether they thought it was appropriate. If everybody had said were not comfortable with this, I would have walked away, she says. I had several people who I met with individually who said to me, Well, you cant help your color, we cant help your color, but wed for someone to do something. So if its you, its you. Marsh learned about the burning of Black Wall Street at dinner with an acquaintance and conducted research for her novel on the internet. Shes never been to Tulsa but said she wrote her book to inspire compassion for the massacre victims. I actually took my picture off the back of the book because I was getting some flak about being white and writing about this, she says.

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