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The first one shown to cause cancer in animals is HYPERLINK ous sarcoma virus o Rous sarcoma virus Rous sarcoma virus, discovered in 1910 by HYPERLINK eyton Rous o Peyton Rous Peyton Rous. HYPERLINK ioxins and dioxin like compounds o Dioxins and dioxin like compounds Dioxins and dioxin like compounds, HYPERLINK enzene o Benzene benzene, HYPERLINK epone o Kepone kepone, HYPERLINK ibromoethane o 1,2 Dibromoethane EDB, and HYPERLINK sbestos o Asbestos asbestos have all been classified as carcinogenic. HYPERLINK arcinogen l cite note roc 2 As far back as the 1930s, HYPERLINK ndustry o Industry industrial smoke and HYPERLINK obacco o Tobacco tobacco smoke were identified as sources of dozens of carcinogens, including HYPERLINK enzoapyrene o Benzoapyrene benzopyrene, tobacco specific HYPERLINK itrosamine o Nitrosamine nitrosamines such as HYPERLINK Nitrosonornicotine o N Nitrosonornicotine nitrosonornicotine, and reactive HYPERLINK ldehyde o Aldehyde aldehydes such as HYPERLINK ormaldehyde o Formaldehyde formaldehydewhich is also a hazard in HYPERLINK mbalming o Embalming embalming and making HYPERLINK lastic o Plastic plastics. HYPERLINK inyl chloride o Vinyl chloride Vinyl chloride, from which HYPERLINK VC o PVC PVC is manufactured, is a carcinogen and thus a hazard in PVC production. HYPERLINK o carcinogen o Co carcinogen Co carcinogens are chemicals that do not necessarily cause cancer on their own, but promote the activity of other carcinogens in causing cancer. After the carcinogen enters the body, the body makes an attempt to eliminate it through a process called HYPERLINK iotransformation o Biotransformation biotransformation. The purpose of these reactions is to make the carcinogen more HYPERLINK ater soluble o Water soluble water soluble so that it can be removed from the body. But these reactions can also convert a less toxic carcinogen into a more toxic carcinogen. DNA is HYPERLINK ucleophile o Nucleophile nucleophilic, therefore soluble carbon electrophiles are carcinogenic, because DNA HYPERLINK ucleophilic attack o Nucleophilic attack attacks them. For example, some HYPERLINK lkene o Alkene alkenes are HYPERLINK oxication o Toxication toxicated by human enzymes to produce an HYPERLINK lectrophile o Electrophile electrophilic epoxide. DNA attacks the epoxide, and is bound permanently to it. This is the mechanism behind the carcinogenicity of HYPERLINK enzoapyrene o Benzoapyrene benzopyrene in tobacco smoke, other aromatics, aflatoxin and mustard gas. CARCINOGENS Hundreds of chemicals are capable of inducing cancer in humans or animals after prolonged or excessive exposure. There are many well known examples of chemicals that can cause cancer in humans. Vinyl chloride causes liver sarcomas. Exposure to arsenic increases the risk of skin and lung cancer.

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