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This article is from an organization called Homeschoolings Invisible Children HIC. HIC doesnt claim to promote or denigrate homeschooling it only appears to want its regulation in American states. HIC concluded, the rate of death from child abuse does not appear to be lower among homeschoolers than among families who are in the public school system. Unlike the study by the NHERI, it appears the HIC article was only a review of data, not a rigorous study, backed up by an independent, control study, like the NHERI. In addition, HICs article presentation is confusing because, while they claim preliminary research suggests that homeschooled children are at a greater risk , they produce no evidence of the fact. Their actual findings showed there was no difference something we are only told towards the end of the article.

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Its why certain components get renamed now as if that changes anything. Qualifications Frameworks to Credentialling is just the latest example. In addition to Global Collusion Tracker, I guess I can add the descriptive False Narrative Buster and Exposition Expert to my list of skills. I am working on several related things at once, but one is a law prof Mary Ann Glendon who worked closely with Amitai Etzioni in the late 80s when he was at Harvard B School and she was at the law school. When I checked to see what she was doing now, up came her having been appointed Ambassador to the Vatican and her work pushing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. DLYuUB5XC4She is also heavily involved with Facing History and Ourselves that as I have written actually misportrays the causes of the Holocaust in order to push the communitarian change narrative. Same video on Facing History site. f George W Bush is the one who appointed her as ambassador and that is what appears to be the case, it fits with those commentators who have hyped GWB as a promoter of communitarianism. from Elliott Abrams explains Glendons views of humanity and the role of her Catholic faith in how she sees UDHR. Remember it was GWB who rejoined UNESCO. Here she is in 2004 on wanting to use the law affirmatively to enshrine UCHR uman%20Rights%20Day%202014/The%20Rule%20of%20Law%20in%20the%20Universal%20Declaration%20of%20Human%20Rights. pdfThis is how little c communism gets locked into place using the law and then in the minds of men and women, using education and the medias pushing of false narratives. No wonder UNESCO head Irina Bokova simply calls the cultural juggernaut to promote scientific socialism as media education. Reading the information on the Global Dignity Day site which BTW is today, annually the third Wed of October many thoughts come to mind. Of course, Im for dignity and discussion of values, but where does it stop the designation of school days as special, off the curriculum activity?Will there be competition from other idea promoters for equal time Grit, Empathy, Collaboration, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Character, etc. Days?2I wonder and worry that so much money is being directed to values teaching instead of being directed to gaining academic skills. Just what are the goals of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum with partners like Coca Cola, etc?3Will the youth selected to be leaders in these social entrepreneurship projects be encouraged and enticed into the fields of social promotion?These are fields, which really dont pay for themselves and are not really self supporting or pay taxes. They rely totally on donations and contributions from agencies, NGOs, government funds and corporate funds. 4Will these young talented leaders become a steadily increasing brain drain from fields which DO contribute to economic and political civic health of communities and families?5From the evidence gathered by this one blog, Invisible Serfs Collar, it seems convincing that there are MANY similar projects world wide with these same characteristics as noted above. It appears like such a glaring avoidance of the basics needed by so many, many young people in this world. Many psychologists will tell you that self esteem is highly correlated with mastery of the basics in literacy and math. Why is there such a concerted effort to steer away from the basics by so many education establishments and their generous voluntary donors?This trend should be mapped and tracked in some central war room and publically being called out. Let people see the red pins on the wall map and see if theyre part of this agenda to homogenize youth to collective mentalities. The Frameworks Institute is targeting framing the story on childhood mental health in Canada and its ties to future brain development. ore proof this is a global template about obtaining a means and consensus to exercise control over people as individuals in order to plan societies and economies going forward. Human dignity, mental health, and wellness are much more effective euphemisms arent they to obscure the reality?This just came out 9789264245914 en but it lists British Columbia as one of the places that served as a Learning Laboratory for creating this new model where we shift away from in the past, education was about teaching people something. Creating a reliable compass certainly sounds like a different metaphor than sculpting a steerable keel, but it is that same cybernetic vision of targeting the internalized that sri wanted and that unesco called the well organized mind instead of a well stocked one. Fits right into last weeks call for the Great Transition and little c communism apparently to not know much. Came out yesterday. See links in article. Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania plus more.

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