Where Can I Take My Written Drivers Test

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How Do You Get Your Real Estate License In Wisconsin

How Do You Take The Postal Service Exam

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Getting A Real Estate License In Minnesota

Atheism is about facts and proof, it dismisses faith. But I dont think its a cult. It is impossible to dismiss faithEven scientists must have faith in their instruments to gather facts and proofAlso it isnt fact that there is no God nor is there any proof of that statement, therefore Atheism falsifies itself if it believes in facts and proof. Faith is simply belief without evidence. You dont need faith when the evidence before you is proof unto itself like the instruments which you can see and touch. And I agree it isnt fact that there is no god however there is also no proof that there is. Atheist simply believe that because there is no good evidence for believing that a god exists then there is no good reason to believe that one does. Atheism is belief with evidence big difference. Just because atheist dont believe there is a god without evidence does not in any way state that they would not believe if there were any. As soon as a believer like yourself can show some verifiable evidence that your god exists then we would have no choice but to believe you as we follow the facts and the proof. So far none of you have been able to back up your arguments with any real evidence. So keep trying and as soon as you do you could win the Nobel prize. atheism a cult. that is rediculous. they dont ask for people to join or donate a thing unlike many religious circles. They have their own understanding of the way things work. I feel more pressure from organized religions than any atheist ever. Maybe religion needs to take its own advice and not push your beliefs on people that dont want it. That seems more cult like to me. Atheists now hopdl meetings and ask to donate money for charity, and they are actively fighting religion. It is a cult nowadays.

Can I Take California Cpa Exam In Different State
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