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7% annualized gain in the period the second worst sector performance behind technology funds. Lately the telecom sector has been attracting attention with head turning acquisitions, part of a widespread consolidation that analysts find encouraging. Earlier this month, Frances Alcatel SA ALA agreed to buy rival equipment maker Lucent Technologies Inc. LU in a $13. 5 billion transaction. See full story. And in March, ATandT Inc. T dialed into BellSouth Corp. BLS for about $67 billion. There are favorable telecom industry trends worldwide, said David Weissman, senior telecom analyst at Zacks Investment Research Inc. Youll see consolidation in the United States and North America, followed by consolidation in Europe.

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Contact Morgan Wall at . sites. pressdns. com or 719 1929. Youve watched the ball drop on past New Years Eves, perhaps youve toasted each year in with a taste of champagne and a but this year youre looking for something a little different. A number of area churches will be offering special services and activities to bring in 2009. Willow Hill Moravian Church, in Ararat, Va. , and Grace Moravian Church in Mount Airy are two of the area churches which will be hosting Watch Night services beginning Wednesday evening. The service at Willow Hill will begin with a pizza dinner and games for all ages starting at 5 p. m. The activities will take on a more serious tone as midnight approaches, with the formal service beginning at 11:30 p.

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talk 00:28, 16 September 2011 UTCHere is a possible good replacement since the person in the current picture has been banned from WP and this picture has been around the net a lot. It shows the act clearly in a non pornographic manor. If accepted i will upload to commons to the public domain. Preceding unsigned comment added by Canter2626 talk contribs 12:59, 27 December 2011 UTC Please remove the image Autofellatio6. jpg as it is pornographic. Surely the written decription is enough!Dujomc talk 18:18, 25 September 2012 UTCJust trying to give my opinion on the picture here. Personally, I do not see how this could be in any way offensive. There is hardly any way that "one of the participants in the picture is forcing the other participant" since there is only one man; there is no showing off "homosexual tendencies" or tendencies" for that matter since this is all solo; and it clearly shows the best way such an action is carried out as well as the existent possibility of it. This should easily satisfy any religious people yelling that it is unacceptable on those grounds. Also, I'm not really certain what other than a picture of autofellatio people would expect when searching for autofellatio. Certainly, if you don't want to see a man sucking his own cock, you'd just not search for an article which is bound to show it?Don't complain about graphic images on an encyclopaedia when those images are used in the same way they're used on articles on about everything else. The argument that "the picture does not add any additional value" could easily be applied to i. e. the Flag of the United States. Why would we need a picture of the flag?The text describes the colours, the shapes, the dimensions and everything correctly and in detail. That is the exact argument being used, and I call that better arguments be used before one claims the picture should be removed. AnnaOurLittleAlice talk 15:15, 21 September 2013 UTCThe image greja Nossa Senhora da Oliveira Gargula. JPG is not clear about what it represents. Beginners in almost every field know the classic conundrum: how do you get experience when no one will give you work because you have no experience?In the writing world, it can seem like youre trapped between a rock and a hard place. Everyone wants to see a portfolio of your work and clips of previous publications, but you dont have either. Luckily, there are ways to get those early clips and work samples without needing previous experience. Below well discuss exactly how to build a writing portfolio from scratch. Before we get started, theres a big debate in the writing world on whether you should ever write for free. Some writers feel that writing just for exposure degrades the whole profession into a group of people writing to satisfy their own egos. But the fact is, if you have no experience, you need to prove yourself. And one way to do that is writing for free.

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