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3, 2020. Connie Allen via APWASHINGTON AP A line of elephants trundles across a dusty landscape in northern Botswana, ears flapping and trunks occasionally brushing the ground. As they pass a motion activated camera hidden in low shrubbery, photos record the presence of each elephant. Female elephants are known to form tight family groups led by experienced matriarchs. Males were long assumed to be loners, because they leave their mothers herd when they reach 10 to 20 years of age. A new study shows that teenage males arent anti social after all. Younger male elephants were seen tagging along behind older males as they travel from place to place. Its more evidence in an emerging body of research that shows older males like their female counterparts play an important role in elephants complex society. For the study published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers analyzed photos of 1,264 sightings of male African savannah elephants traveling toward the Boteti River in 2017 and 2018. They found that younger males seldom traveled alone and older males most often led groups of mixed ages. Mature male elephants often take a position at the front of the line when they are leading the group to streams or seasonal grazing grounds, said Diana Reiss, director of the Animal Behavior and Conservation Program at Hunter College, who was not involved in the new study.

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g. , 39% among CUNY undergraduate students, 35% at universities in Illinois, though lower than 59% food insecurity rate at Western Oregon University. FHSUs cost of attendance, like most public institutions of higher education across the country, has increased every year in recent years. This puts more pressure on students to find ways to paying for school and associated costs. Students may be able to cover rising tuition using scholarships and aid, but many are left with next to nothing to pay for food and housing. There are creative ways that FHSU can address this issue. Universities must explore options for offering affordable on campus housing and dining to qualified students. National programs such as Swipe Out Hunger and Single Stop operate on college campuses to make available to students the resources and help they need to secure food. These kinds of partnerships are worth pursuing. It is widely accepted that higher education degree completion can break cycles of poverty; yet, if students cannot perform academically because they are forced to choose between paying rent, eating, or paying tuition, then higher education will merely leave these students more in debt and more impoverished than before they started. It is heartening to note that approximately 25% of FHSU students who show some level of food insecurity use the on campus food pantry.

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s. remember that I recommend using books 9 onwardsHi again,Yes it says that this is a sample by an examiner, there is also an overview at the end, Ill type both the introduction and the last paragraph:The charts compare the sources of electricity in Australia and France in the years 1980 and 2000. Between these years electricity production almost doubled, rising from 100 units to 170 units in Australia, and from 90 ta 180 units in France. Overall, it is clear that by 2000 these two countries relied on different principal fuel sources: Australia relied on coal and France on nuclear power. I understand that the last paragraph is the overview paragraph, but my question is about the function of the second sentence in the introduction, isnt it a big picture sentence too, and isnt that what an overview is?Thank you so much for your help. The overview can come either at the beginning or the end. The sentence you are referring to is the correct way to summarise and report the main features which is what the task tells you to do. Lower level candidates simply give precise details from the data the figures and numbers. Your task is to describe and report what you see not simply list it. Hi Pauline,First I want to thank you for your wonderful books. I am now reading vocabulary for IELTS advanced and the essay samples have changed my mind about using vocabulary in essays. I have a general question about essay writing, I read this in a writing book that a discursive essay consists of facts and opinions. We use facts in a paragraph only as examples to support our opinion. Do you agree with this?Hi Mahatta, Im really glad youre finding the book useful. Yes, I would definitely agree that a discursive essay consists of points you want to make your opinion and supporting evidence facts that show why you believe this. Read chapter 7 of my free book for a more detailed explanation. Thank you. Am I right in thinking that writing for IELTS is not entirely different from writing in general, I mean if I study about how to write, this will improve my IELTS writing as well?I am now writing Academic writing from paragraph to essay by Dorothy Zemach. I have heard that Longman academic writing series is also good, do you have any suggestions for improving essay writing?Studying how to write will certainly help to some degree. It will help with coherence, grammar, and vocabulary. It will not help with Task response and may not always help with the elements of coherence and cohesion specified in the band descriptors. It will also not help in terms of timing. I dont know the books you mention so I cannot comment on them. I understand that IELTS requires something specific, and what does the band description mean by overall progression and how is this different from the development in task response?I couldnt find any explanation about this in the official guide or any other of your books. Its something I am going to try to demonstrate in my next book. It basically means your overall essay has to have a logic and sense.

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