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I had rhinoplasty about 7 months ago. I was in with the result of my nose, until a few days ago. Im 16 and my friend and i always goof around. She accidentally hit the front of my nose with her wrist yikes!and i freaked. At first i thought it was nothing and just iced it, but after about 5 minutes i looked in the mirror and saw a new bump on the bridge!It swelled a little that day and later within the next two days the swelling disappeared, but the bump was still visible. Of course, my family and my friend said they don;t see any difference, but i see it all the time!My nose didnt bleed and didnt really hurt, so i dont know if any real damage was done. Has your bump gone away?i cant see my doctor for a month and i really hope that this is reversible!what happened with you?Hi I'm so sorry to hear you got bumped on the nose!Boy do i understand how frustrated you must feel. So i ended up actually leaving it and not fixing it. My doc offered to fix it free of charge, but i waited and it eventually went down and looks great now. Things did move inside when i got hit, but it's not obvious enough for me to go thru another surgery and recovery. And like you said my family and hubby said they couldn't tell. I can still tell when i touch my nose, but when i look in the mirror i'm really happy with the results. So, i'd give it honestly a good 6months 1 year before you make any decisions. I'd say for me, i noticed swelling going down up to 2 years post op. Hope that helps, and good luck!AND congrats on the surgery, you will be so happy you did it!Hi thanks for getting back to me so soon!Yes i am so upset, i'm mostly just mad at myself for not being more careful. I feel like before i got bumped i had the perfect nose that i'd always dreamed of, and now this little bump that no one seems to see but me has ruined everything, like all that time and money was a waste!I was able to schedule a closer appointment with my surgeon, thank goodness, and i'm hoping that he'll be able to give me some further guidance. I really don't want to go through another surgery and all of that recovery, just like you didn't. I understand the swelling went down with your nose but what happened to the new bump?Mines not big or anything but i feel like dealing with it the rest of my life is going to be as bad as before the surgery because im still hating my nose!I'll wait a year or however long and if the bump goes away, great!but what if it doesn't?omg im so conflicted!but i was very happy i got the surgery, it was the best thing ever and my confidence improved so much, and im glad my parents let me do it this early!I got it for myself though, so i feel like if i can still see the blemish and i still don't like it regardless of what everyone else sees, that's not right, is it?Thanks for your input!By the way, your nose looks great!We Care India providing Orthopedic surgery in India have state of the art facilities, equipped with state of art infrastructure and latest technology andadhere to international standards of clinical care, safe environment, medication safety, respect for rights and privacy, international infection control standards. Scar removal surgery IndiaBreast reduction surgery IndiaBreast lift surgery Indiarhinoplasty procedure in indiaGlad to know you are happy with Rhinoplasty. It all depends on the Plastic Surgeon who performs as well as how well you are preparing for the surgery. Great results there Marie!I admire you for having to put yourself out there and sharing a very personal experience and victory through your blog.

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