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After word of his grandiose spending and defiant nature toward studio United Artists got out detailed in Final Cut by Steven Bach, a studio executive involved with the film from the beginning. Cimino was awarded the 1980 Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director, and the film was nominated for four more Razzies, including Worst Picture. In 1999, Time placed the film on a list of the 100 worst ideas of the 20th century. In February 2010, the readers of Empire voted it the sixth worst film of all time. That same year, Joe Queenan of The Guardian also called it the worst film ever made, saying that it "defies belief". Cimino was initially considered a director on the rise after directing The Deer Hunter which won five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, but his reputation never recovered after Heaven's Gate.

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Consider: Scientists conduct experiments to test hypotheses vs. Experiments are conducted by scientists to test hypotheses. The former is 15% shorter 49 characters vs. 58. The survey was administered by the research assistants is longer and vaguer than, Research assistants administered the survey. 54 vs.

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