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With all the school shootings ,all middle and high school students should have one. Lets say an intruder walks into your school and they don't have a id for the building they can be kicked out of the school. Not only will this make students feel more safe at school but it will make parents feel more safe sending their kids to school everyday. Yes, students should wear school IDs for the event that a crime or accident occurs on campus. If a crime happens on campus, students wearing IDs can help identify the perpetrators as well as the possible victims. This has the added bonus of deterring students from committing crimes as they would be more easily identified. If an accident or crime renders a student unconscious or unable to respond, they can be easily identified with an ID. Schools should impose security measures for the welfare of everyone. One of the ways for school administrators to ensure the security within school grounds is to impose wearing of identification cards. Wearing of identification cards is a universal policy and is observed in different schools around the world. As a matter of fact, most organizations have identification cards.

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