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Anderson and Poole 2001, p. 17 argue that the body should be an attempt at a progressive solution to the problem stated in the introduction. They believe that the conclusion should present the results of the investigation and provide a solution to the problem that has been set. Furthermore, the conclusion can be used to suggest further areas of investigation. In academic writing, your work must be directly relevant to the title. You have to approach the task in a direct and efficient way.

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7. It might be years before you promote all the components from a car you purchase, so it is crucial that you simply spend as small as possible when you acquire cars. An considerable list of suppliers can ensure a number of vehicles at prices you are able to afford. Knowing how to play a musical instrument can be quite useful. Suppose youre able to string together a good tune and have an adequate voice you could begin busking for cash. Based on how good you are you could get 0 to 0 busking in upward market places.

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The newest article on this subject is The best students actually it when they fail. The article, Are you learning the slow way?6 Steps and 4 Elements to PowerUp Learning and Performance, covers this skill, as does this humorous one: Educational Vampires PowerUp to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones. School can be boring. Not every expert in a subject has expertise in teaching. But that shouldnt stop us as learners. Successful students work to make any subject interesting so that they maintain enthusiasm for learning. The feeling of boredom or worse indicates youll suffer at learning that subject. The post Are You Engaged in What You Do?How to Level up on the 5P Engagement Scale gives suggestions for turning any boring situation on its head. Being heard and influencing others depends on the power of persuasion. Yet, as the joke goes, people fear speaking in public more than death. I dont have a post on this subject, yet, but suggest from experience that getting into the habit of critical thinking and asking the 5Ws who, what, when, where, why helps learn better and organize your thoughts for better speaking and writing. As you review your learning, put it in your own words. As yourself why you believe it. Youll do better at speaking and essay exams. And youll remember it, too. Students with role models have a head start on building their identity as a student and/or professional. Lack of a role model often comes with a lack of experience and support for the rigors of college. First generation college students lack parental role models and support and are at a special disadvantage. It pays to be friendly and build friendships with students who want to succeed and inspire you. A future post will discuss finding a mentor to help you learn to navigate the barriers and thrive in college. A common mistake in reading and learning in general involves memorizing vs.

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