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No wonder most political activists have chosen to ignore it!. And yetand yetif its true that governments and economic systems determine the nature of events, as the Marxists say, then its also true that the third level of history determines the nature of the governments and economic systems, and the context, the atmosphere, the quality of events. If we simply ignore the third level of analysis until later well end up with no social evolution at all, in any deep sense. And we may end up with a stronger Prison. I mentioned the Cold War, a theme I developed extensively in my book, but Mark Satin in 1978 cited that Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the other Russian dissidents were actually pushing a material limits to growth and calls for political and economic decentralization that sounds much like what the UN is now calling Localization per the last post. Turns out someone has planned a Local/Global spin for a while because Chapter 16 of Satins book was called Localization: Celebration of Diversity with a vision for community based decision making that could be something Amitai Etzioni, the Ford Foundation, or the Brookings Metropolitanism vision would call for today because they are. The Russian component of the New Age Politics book ended with this visionOnce understood and adopted, this principle diverts usas individuals, in all forms of human association, societies and nationsfrom outward to inward developmentTheres a rather constant drumbeat for this now apart from all the social and emotional learning and restorative justice practices in schools and classrooms we have looked at. This is bigger and from every direction as adults and all institutions get targeted. Last Thursday I was at the Wisdom, Moderation and Opportunity put on by an Atlas Network affiliate, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, with speeches with ties to other Network members. The Luncheon Keynote Speaker, Arthur Brooks, president of AEI, insisted that to be a Conservative required having the Heart of a Servant.

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Her approach to teaching is integrative, holistic and where possible experiential. Doe loves to inspire people about their body by interweaving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as a way to integrate mind and body. Your team of visiting tutors:Elizabeth WhiterElizabeth Whiter is a professional animal healer specializing in spiritual healing, animal nutrition and Zoopharmacognosy. Her pioneering animal healing school trains graduates in animal and equine healing, and her animal clinic in Sussex for small animals and equines receives regular referrals from vets and doctors. Olaf NixonOlaf is a soul coach, Gong Master therapist, sound healer and energy worker. He has been working with sound and energy in a variety of ways for over ten years leading gong baths, meditation circles and sound and energy workshops.

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This inside out view has the potential of labelling mere internal alterations as a new model. Dont. Instead, academy, government and all stakeholders should take an outside in view, focusing on outcomes, not activity, in addressing whether the business model is truly new. Internal activities will most likely morph as a result of addressing changes to strategic factors, but this is a second order effect. Comments, improvements, new ideas are always encouraged. Lets make ourselves better with best practices. Thank you for reading. There is a lot of traction in imparting education using Massive Online Open Courseware MOOC where students can pick and choose what they like to learn. Today all top universities and colleges offer a wide range of subjects and also enable students to practice what they learn by making them to complete live projects. As MOOC gained Momentum it erased the boundaries that only universities can impart education. Today we can see top companies such as Google, IBM , Ted Education, YouTube education , khan academy , Microsoft, Cisco to name a few who are conducting professional courses that are aligned to what companies are expecting from fresh graduates when they join the corporate. There are also wide range of offerings for students to pick up skills online for building products such as raspberry Pi projects Makezine projects , Projects made from Arduino chips rojects/Ideas to name a few examples. One of my JNTUK petroleum engineering student even shared his practical experiences via blog here ll these events point towards one trend which is that present and future belongs to learning whatever we want by just having high speed internet connection and knowing exactly what skills we want to acquire that makes us valuable and just join a course. While technology is reshaping education and enabling students to acquiring most wanted skills on one hand, universities, colleges, schools, both private and public are investing massive amounts of money building classrooms. All these empty classrooms will eventually become a burden on the sustainability of colleges and universities as they move their classrooms to online. What stays relevant is only labs that allow students to practice what they learn online. There is still hope for those who have massive investment in Buildings and for those who are in the middle of building more educational institutes. Here is my suggestions for those to consider. With rapid developments in Artificial intelligence and use of it in developing robots that can do almost anything what we are capable of doing we humans will be left with not much to do until unless we come to terms with our cognitive and emotional intelligence. In this next Machine age humans will be left serving the Machines , 3D printers and monitoring the distributed manufacturing facilities. Deep intelligence networks autonomously can start a war or robots can kill people if not programmed properly.

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