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D on the Rise Pregnancy WarningsHYPERLINK disabilities. htmA growing number of scientists are providing strong evidence as to why we are seeing more and more children with learning and behavior disorders over the past 30 years. Their conclusions are straight forward exposure of the developing child to even small levels of common everyday chemicals can result in learning or behavior problems evident throughout life. This information is a result of a 1997 Graduate Research Project from University of South Florida investigating environmental and chemical causes of Learning Disabilities. HYPERLINK New research on the dangers of the mosquito control pesticides DIBROM Naled and the pyrethroid pesticide PERMETHRIN are reported from six medical journals. Health risks found include genetic damage cancer potential neurotoxic dangers to unborn children and harm to marine life. Researchers also find pesticide applications appear to be dramatically increasing the incidence of encephalitis carrying mosquitoes. Theories regarding this include immune system damage to wildlife and genetic damage to the mosquitoes inherent defenses. HYPERLINK High Toxicity of MalathionMalathion is a medfly and mosquito control pesticide which has been shown to have serious health effects upon humans. Observed effects include weakening of the immune system thereby resulting in increased colds, flu and infections, birth defects, genetic damage, accelerated aging of certain body organs, increased neurological damage to the elderly and serious harm to wildlife. This report shows how the public is being misled by this very dangerous pesticide. HYPERLINK Child Vaccination Health ProblemsWhile the medical community touts vaccinations as being important for child health, the research shows this is not necessarily the case and the risks appear far greater than the benefits. HYPERLINK Rejected for PublicationWhen quality articles and letters are submitted to newspapers, journals or scientific magazines for publication, yet rejected for no apparent reason, attention needs to be brought to this problem. As corporate industry gains more influence over mainstream media from magazines to newspapers, there is a gradual silencing of voices from scientists and thinkers who do not agree with their desired point of view. HYPERLINK Child Cancer and Relationship to Modern ChemicalsEvidence demonstrating how chemical exposures occurring in and around the home can greatly increase the risk of brain cancer, neuroblastoma and leukemia. Also NEW research on immune system defects found in cancer children which can determine if remission is likely to occur. HYPERLINK Immune Systems Under AttackResearch on how the human immune system is damaged or weakened by exposure to pesticides, plastics and a variety of chemicals in common consumer products. Strong evidence for explaining the observed increases in immune related disorders from viral/bacterial infections to child cancers. HYPERLINK Neuroblastoma ResearchCase histories pesticides and immune system damage. HYPERLINK Chlordane Termite Pesticide ProblemsImportant health information for people living in homes built before 1988. Evidence suggests an epidemic of health problems caused by daily breathing of this low dose pesticide. HYPERLINK Infertility Miscarriage Research StudiesSurprising environmental causes identified in the home, work and diet should be the first intervention. HYPERLINK Gallstones Evidence for an Environmentally Induced IllnessGallstone formation is a painful disease that occurs when the bile going from the liver to the gallbladder becomes super saturated with cholesterol. This page describes dietary factors found to worsen this condition and discusses evidence that improper liver function is unable to emulsify the bile, thereby encouraging gall stone formation. HYPERLINK NA/aging. htmHow the Human Body AgesUnderstanding how chemicals and pesticides contribute to accelerating the aging process of various body systems requires understanding of how and why the aging process actually occurs. Research from the Department of Biology, University of California explains how our yearly one half to 1% loss of Genes within our DNA is the culprit. HYPERLINK Chemical Illness Report PagePetroleum based chemicals can cause serious health problems over time. Research shows this can occur from exposure in the workplace home and also from many consumer products. Because of the time delay in exposure and symptom onset, as well as complexity of processes involved individual liver enzyme detoxification efficiency gradual attrition to neurological defenses, etc. , these illnesses are often overlooked, diagnosed incorrectly or denied by physicians representing the chemical or insurance industry.

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