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There is a section about the television watching habits of students, and even the faculty on campus. Dr. Clyde Kluckhohn, a known anthropologist, will be giving a speech on the, "Decline of the Puritan Ethic and Its Consequences on American Society," in the chapel on Thursday. Dr. Kluckhohn is a professor at Harvard University. The Girls' Chorus, made up of 56 members, will be singing sacred music at the First Presbyterian Church on Sunday for their concert.

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They must know a lot about what their company insures. For example, workers in property and casualty insurance must know housing and construction costs in order to properly evaluate damage from floods or fires. Workers in health insurance must be able to determine which types of treatments are medically necessary and which are questionable. Adjusters inspect property damage or personal injury claims to determine how much the insurance company should pay for the loss. They might inspect a home, a business, or an automobile. Adjusters interview the claimant and witnesses, inspect the property, and do additional research, such as look at police reports. They may consult with other workers, such as accountants, architects, construction workers, engineers, lawyers, and physicians, who can offer a more expert evaluation of a claim. Adjusters gather informationincluding photographs and statements, either written or recorded on audio or videoand put together a report for claims examiners to evaluate. When the examiner approves the claim, the adjuster negotiates with the policyholder and settles the claim. If the claimant contests the outcome of the claim or the settlement, adjusters work with attorneys and expert witnesses to defend the insurer's position. Some claims adjusters work as public adjusters.

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