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As the teacher Tim Walker lamented last year, free play is hard to find in schools. Whats most important is not where kids take breaks but how much freedom we give them from their structured work, Walker wrote, comparing U. S. schools to those in Finland, which prioritize playtime. Its free play that gives students the opportunity to develop social competence. During these times, they not only rest and rechargethey also learn to cooperate, communicate, and compromise, all skills they need to succeed academically as well as in life.

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You can write department columns of 500 700 words, or feature articles of 1000 2500 words. They are in need of articles on the following pieces: Features, Why I Teach and Story corner. RSS, Enter your name and email address to sign up to my newsletter and get my list of 47 Websites that Pay Writers $50+ Per Article including a site that pays up to $1,000 per article, You are here: As you understand, Payments are made through bank wire transfer of PayPal. All of the following magazines pay for the submissions they receive, which means that all you have to do is consult their website to see which one your talents are best suited for. Need to get started with a more broad search?This publication has a specific system for submissions, so its a good idea to peruse their site before starting work. HubPages.

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As it tuned ot, this ws be simple part. Though various anti competitive practices, De Beers came to control 90 percent ith te entire diamond market. Ruling y havin a iron fist, De Beers ould control t supply of diamonds nto industry s a way to manipulate your money and kep competitors in a subservient position. Buying Diamonds in Amsterdam as created y a associate hile visiting Holland fr that North Sea Jazz Festival. nown as te major diamond center s far back as th 16t century, the mot popular city is home to many diamond factories nd every bit a many fine diamond stores. ven f yu aret really thinking bout investing n a diamond, the stop by at the diamond factories long with t Diamond Museum s still fun ad educational. diamond i often a timeless possession. h yars of natural nurture nd aging are evident rolling arond in its pristine beauty nd sparkle. iven the rarity of diamonds and also the increasingly difficult mans of gaining possessing them, it is no wonder why thy may be o highly desired nd why thr purchase s usually this type of lucrative investment. owever, iven thr increasing demand, its likel that te odd conman attempt t make th most of te spendthrift nature o desires of credulous consumers. You ee, primrily in the diamond business, stones undergo sveral sources befre tey d up in our jewelry box r around yur neck or on yur own finger. Scouts, who will b employed nd paid by dealers, re sent out to gt fom mining distributions. he dealers ten convert then sell t jewelers n artisans aound th globe. The mor times money change hands, the greater the cost increases. ut, thi technique of distribution s changing. It s bcoming mch me best for the smart consumer, ather tan the dealer. Ther are a few difficulty wth this scenario, however. Frst, investors lack informtion about ow th stones re graded by diamond laboratories. t takes an authority in the field to grade diamond jewelry fr color diamonds are the new investment trend valuation purposes, so investors will likely need to rely on reputable diamond certifications t create the valu f their investments. Depending pon certified loose diamonds s the better thing because the ae thouroughly tested, graded properly, n addition to scrutinized hile usig the probable skill. he technology oing wor in rder to discover te diamonds quality s known as of hgh standards. Highly authenticated, trained lon ith expert gemologists evaluate d lso certify tese diamonds for teir genuineness. hre is absolutely doubt in terms of te class toether ith quality f certified loose diamonds s worried. o migt have faith ith egards t t standard nd purity of t loose diamonds. ost f you pobably know thi but diamond jewelry s ne of the hardest substances oe to man. ost of you do kno that diamonds ae coveted firt nd foremost natural precious stones. Women alue diamonds nd we discover ther whereabouts o TV all the time. he size of th diamond on the ring r any ther little bit of jewelry i often a status symbol whih tells narrative bout tht person thats wearing. Bigger diamonds coveted b all ad so ar used bing a measure of hih social standing. ost women will equate te dimensions of thir diamond onsidering te variety of tat thir fianc?e has for tm. hey feel just as if hell spend more money f e relly loves tem.

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