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In mid October, members decided to try again, putting up a medical tent. Police moved in to dismantle it, but Jesse Jackson happened to be visiting the camp and put his body in the way. Cops on the scene got the word from on high that it wasnt worth it to try and arrest him. Jesse threw down for us, LaGreca says. Soon, the park at night was filled with the clickety click of tent legs crackling into assembly. With the tents came a new kind of territory: turf, even private property. The parks sobriety, an agreed upon principle, began to erode. The police reportedly started directing street people to the park but refused to help when some got out of control. Youve got a right to express yourself, went the cops refrain. Hes got a right to express himself. Junkies came and then the people who supply them. Some tents became shooting galleries. Rumors began to circulate that thered been a stabbing, that someone was running around with an AIDS infected needle, that the hacker group Anonymous had a plan to destroy the credit ratings of the cops. A man who worked in the kitchen was arrested for assault. By late October, there were three levels of internal security. The kitchen closed at eight. The 24/7 library rolled up around midnight. Liberty Park is a city now, and it has hours. Theres even a town planning committee that has held meetings at 16 Beaver Street, in an oddly shaped room with a movie screen and a grand piano. But heres the thing: Anyone can still join. Its another old protest slogan metamorphosed. Whose streets? would go the call. Our streets, came the reply. Now its personal. Whose city?Your city, there for the making. All you have to do is show up.

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