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I was a teacher and now I am an educational coach trained to use the LearningSuccess model of education. One of the things I now understand clearly is that there are different types of learners. And I am not just referring to modality differences. Each student has his/her own way of approaching a new learning situation which is related to their learning disposition or in other words, a learning personality which is hard wired. Other coaches and myself have realized that there is one disposition that tends to get labeled ADHD and that is the Performing disposition. Generally, these children need to move, are spontaneous, to learn with games, and enjoy the center of attention. Essentially, they need to move and be themselves to learn. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, the way that traditional schools are structured is torture for most of these children. I say most because there are other aspects of a childs learning profile that must be taken into account to more completely understand the Performing child, such as his/her learning modality, talents, interests, and the individuals ideal learning environment. Taking away recess from these particular students will not have the sedating effect one hopes for. It will aggravate the situation. Not to be dismissive of other type of learners, recess is good for ALL students. And as parents we need to pull together and demand from schools that recess not be taken away from children whether mandated by the district, the school, or one teacher who doesnt understand the difference between punishment and discipline . How many of you know the difference?If you dont, google it. My very first day as a substitute teacher, more than 30 years ago, was in an inner city school and it started as a dream. The fifth graders spent the entire morning taking a standardized test. The afternoon was a nightmare; I had to grab a softball bat from a boy who was running around the classroom swinging it. Heres a suggestion for all principals: for children whove been sitting still for such tests, give them EXTENDED recess afterwards. Everyone benefits. Fortunately, I was game for taking this class again, and established a good relationship with the school, which called me often. The following year I found a full time job as a school book editor while trying to get one as a full time teacher. I work with dogs who have behavior problems. Almost every destructive, mouthy puppy or adolescent dog is brimming with pent up energy for which she or he is provided inadequate outlets. How totally not amazing that cooping up kids has similar results. School recess improves behavior. Well, I hate to say it, but DUH!Im just frightened that some teachers actually seem not to know this. How is that possible?My oldest are only 3. 5 years and even I know that no matter what the weather I might even brave a tornado, we have to get outside for at least 30 minutes every day for free play or they go bonkers. And so do I. As a faculty member in a teacher education program I always convey to my pre service teachers, and provide illustrations of how adults expect children to engage in behaviors that as adults we would find unacceptable. Far too many teachers expect young children to sit and listen for long periods of time, sit and do worksheets, all without talking, without moving around.

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