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Here at Queensborough the credit bearing internship class is called a Cooperative Education Co op class. It is un like most classes that a student will register for. It is an out of the classroom experience that the Faculty Coordinator of the Co op class must register the student for. It is blocked or closed until the faculty member approves a students participation and then gives the student the code to register for it. The Faculty Coordinator, based on the requirements, which vary from department to department, students GPA and credits completed to date, is the person who will register a student for the class. Check the catalog for the specific department you wish to do an internship in for the specific requirements related to these areas. Most of the time, but not all, internships are unpaid and done for school credit toward the degree. The Co op courses here at Queensborough are counted as electives, even though they must be related to the major field of study and the department in which the Cooperative Education class is done. If the student obtains a credit bearing internship then they are good to go ahead with the application process for the internship. If the internship does not have to be done for credit, then the student can decide whether they want to keep the class and earn the credits or officially drop the class and just do the internship for the experience alone. The logic may seem elusive, but students must consider they can only do a maximum number of credits in internships.

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