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After months of training, observations and exams, Consultant Anaesthetist, Kate Stannard, 49 from High Hurstwood, is now all set to begin with the RCoA later this year alongside her role with MTW. The RCoA is the third largest medical Royal College in the UK and represents and ensures the quality of patient care by safeguarding standards with examinations in the three specialties of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine. Examiners for the college are rarely selected from district general hospitals and the role is extremely difficult to obtain, with examiners chosen from consultants nationwide, making Kates first time application all the more impressive after being urged by colleagues to apply. To become an examiner comes with a long list of essential qualities to be even considered for the role with Kate also completing training days, role play and close observation from senior examiners during the process. After achieving the position, Kates new responsibilities will include ensuring the practical conduct of the oral exam for candidates at the RCoA and also being tasked to review and write new questions to ensure the exam remains vigorous and up to date. Kate said: I am looking forward to my new role which is going to be challenging and I hope to be able to represent our department in MTW at a national level and to be able to provide extra support to our junior doctors going through their exams.

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Regular meetings of the Executive Board of the I Club shall be held on the average, at least once a month during the school year at a time, place, and date designated by the Executive Board. Special meetings of the Executive Board shall be called by the President. All Executive Board meetings are open to the members of the I Club. Section 3. Parliamentary Authority. The latest edition of Roberts Rule of Order shall be the I Club guide on the parliamentary procedure at all meetings of the committees, the Executive Board, and the membership of the I Club. Section 1. Election of the Office. All the Officers of the I Club shall be up for elections at the end of each school year on a date, time, and place set by the Executive Board. The newly elected Executive Board then elects seven Members at Large immediately after election. Section 2.

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