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I will show you how to analyse the task plan it and write it to a band nine level. Task 2 can cover a wide range of essay topics for the IELTS Writing Task section of the test so preparation is key. This playlist teaches important strategies for IELTS Dec 04 2018 IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic amp Questions Family with Band 9 Model Answers. 5 7. Morning routine. I would prefer the person who has the same goal like me for a better practice. com IELTS Writing Samples of Band 9 Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. IELTS Speaking Band 9 Sample Answer So I d like to talk about a journey that I took when I was a little kid. Learn how to use wide variety of parts of speech such as nouns verbs adjectives. source IELTS Buddy. The table below gives information about consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002.

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I was in with the idea of living in a foreign country. I can't explain why but I was. I remember buying a book called Work your way around the world' and while the book was aimed at reckless individuals who land at foreign airports with barely ten dollars to their name, it did give me some ideas. For many a day I mulled over the ridiculous notion of becoming a coach driver in Belgium, or perhaps moving to Canada, arriving on a relative's doorstep and seeing what fate had in store. Europe?Canada?The USA?I decided to move to The Far East. I narrowed down my choice to three countries Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. Japan and Korea have never appealed to me for some reason. Even though I had an old friend living in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay and I'd splashed out six quid on the Lonely Planet guide to Taiwan, HK and Taiwan were both unknown quantities. I'd spent three weeks in Thailand the year before so I knew what to expect. I hadn't explored many options but work for foreigners seemed desperately thin on the ground in Thailand. I knew though that English teachers were always in demand and whether I chose Taiwan, Hong Kong or Thailand didn't really matter. ELT was always something to fall back on. I did a very generously discounted full time TEFL course thanks to the local barmy left wing Labour council, and I got a few teaching hours under my belt at the Brasshouse Center in Birmingham, a school which caters for EFL students from mainly Spain and France. Even though I enjoyed the teaching and felt I was relatively good at it, I wasn't moving abroad with teaching as my primary goal. I wanted to see what other doors opened or if they were going to be continually slammed in my face. So in 1989, I arrived at Don Muang airport with Tony the Milkman. He'd just got 15,000 quid in redundancy money from the Unigate Dairy, and I was carrying a fairly fat wallet myself. After a few days in Bangkok, we moved down to Hua Hin to extend our holiday period'. We ended up staying there three months. In those days Hua Hin truly was the sleepy fishing village it still claims to be in certain guidebooks but most definitely isn't. There were three hotels, six farang friendly restaurants and your night time entertainment consisted of three bars. You also quickly got to know the other twelve foreigners who lived there on a permanent or semi permanent basis. Tony the Milkman ended up buying a 50% share in a guest house/restaurant and I sat on the beach with a Teach Yourself Mandarin' course just in case Hong Kong came back into the equation. It didn't. I sat there looking out to sea, being waited on hand and foot with soft drinks and seafood, pausing to chat with a friendly local, and thought there was no way I could leave this place. I felt as if I could have stayed in Hua Hin forever. Reality kicked me up the arse the following day however and I knew that I would have to return to Bangkok if there was going to be any chance of finding work. There was nothing for me in Hua Hin. I was stagnating by the hour and it was time to move on. I hugged Tony the Milkman at Hua Hin station and caught the train back to Hualampong. Incidentally, Tony left Thailand in 1998 and went back to the UK pennilessThe Gemstone YearsI checked into a cheap guest house in the lower Sukhumwit area and the following day I went down to the Bangkok Post offices to place an ad in their employment wanted' classified section. I can't remember the exact wording but "Englishman 26 years old anything considered" might not be far off the mark. You tend to be brief when you pay by the word. The ad duly appeared the following morning and the phone in my dingy guesthouse room literally rang off the wall. I got all sorts of offers from managing a hotel in Pattaya to selling timeshare to rich expats as you'd expect. One job offer came from an Indian gemstone company on Silom Road who were looking for a sales manager.

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