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Representatives shall be voting members of the DATF. Representatives shall 1 advocate for students and post graduate trainees of OU College of Medicine 2 share relevant perspectives, feedback, and ideas with the DATF and 3 share DATF events, opportunities, and initiatives with their respective peers and introduce interested students to the DATF. The DATF shall meet monthly. Special DATF meetings may be called by the DATF chair, OU COM Assistant Dean for Diversity, Executive Dean, Provost, President or Board of Regents. A minimum of at least one half 1/2 of the DATF subcommittee chairs and at least one 1 medical student or one 1 resident/fellow physician must be present to constitute a quorum. A student or resident/fellow must be present to conduct official voting business of the DATF. Once approved by the DATF, the constitution and bylaws shall be maintained on the website of the ODICE. The constitution and bylaws shall be reviewed by the Policy and Procedures Subcommittee 1 as indicted or requested and 2 every four 4 years. Institute for Global Citizenship Student Council IGCSC Charter Macalester College Original Document: September 2007 Reviewed Most Recently: February 2010IGC Mission to encourage, promote and support rigorous learning that prepares students for lives as effective and ethical global citizen leaders; innovative scholarship that enriches the public and academic discourse on important issues of global significance; and meaningful service that enhances such learning and/or scholarship while enriching the communities within which Macalester is embedded. IGC Student Council Mission is to support the vision of the IGC by empowering Macalester students to engage with others in exploring meaningful understandings and expressions of global citizenship. Together with Macalester faculty, staff and alumni we seek to inspire visions and actions for a more ethical and just world.

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