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Show up your knowledge, values, and personal experience in your distinctive individual perspective. There is no scholar or expert whose answers are so perfect that the rest of us have nothing to add to the topic. The actual reader of your paper is your instructor or TA. They will read and grade your writing piece. Before writing, think about what are your educators expectations?A common purpose of academic writing is to present a clear position and defend support it. Your instructor wants to see that you have a personal voice on the subject in question and use it effectively to build an academic argument. In academic writing, the authorial voice is not about emotion or personal experience. It is about being clear, concise and accurate. A student backs up what is being said with evidence, making a judgment and assessing the contribution of others. Practice will make your voice grow naturally. And the grades for your academic papers will confirm it!Image by Vidmir Raic from PixabayThe number of obese individuals who have tried different types of supplements to discard excessImage by Nikolay Georgiev from PixabayLaw schools are intended to spark your passion, critical insight and help you offer anImage by Marina Pershina from PixabayAromatherapy is a type of all natural medicine that uses essential oils taken from roots, seeds,What a timely piece now!Thank you a lot for this good post.

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Next time youre going on a trip, use these 5 simple tips to improve your photography and impress your friends on social media. No matter which device you prefer to use from a brand new DSLR to an iPhone 4S, this usefuladvice will always come in handy!Going Beyond StereotypesIn the age of Instagram and Facebook, its far too easy to flick through someones timeline and find hundreds of similar snapshots of the same place or city you visited. And while you are there, you will feel like there are some photos that you need to take without fail. Put these stereotypes out of your mind once and for all!Forget about what others have already done and concentrated on your own travel experience. Stay as creative as possible and try to take photographs from an original perspective. This way, youll train your mind to see things differently. Focus on the DetailsOne of my favorite things about visiting new places is to pay attention to the tiniest details and draw an analogy between a particular city and your hometown. There is always something magical about the uniqueness of an area youve never seen before. And searching for those differences is an excellent way to improve your photography and make it extraordinary. To find fresh details about a new place, start by considering its colors, textures, patterns, and design elements. It may sound simple, but this can show you a lot about the town and its citizens.

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If you have a student or you are a student, Im sure you feel the pain!The Amazon Prime Student program is available to students who are actively enrolled in at least one college course. My son will be graduating high school next year but he is enrolled in two college courses so he was eligible for Amazon Prime Student. The program has been enhanced and new benefits were recently added. My son loves being a member and within two months we were already saving on costs just resulting from savings in shipping costs and textbooks rentals. Another expense that comes with college courses that has shocked me is the cost of textbooks. In addition to Amazon Prime Student benefits, Amazon can help students save time and money by skipping the bookstore line and visiting the Textbooks Store. Amazon offers savings of up to 80% off the price list for rentals between 30 to 360 days. With rentals, Amazon even pays for the return shipping. Super convenient!We have rented the college textbooks my son uses but there are also opportunities for up to 60% off purchases and this includes other things like test prep materials. During back to school there are tons of exclusive discounts available. With Amazon Prime Student, the first six months are free, courtesy of Sprint. If you reach the end of the six months and the program isnt something you want to pay for, you can cancel before the paid membership begins. Amazon is really offering a free trial. After that, students receive 50% off the regular Amazon Prime Membership so the cost is only $49 annually for all the benefits of the program. Once the paid membership begins, there are additional benefits as well. The sign up page can be accessed here and you can read more details about all the benefits available. Considering there is no risk with the free trial for students this is definitely something to try out with many opportunities to save money!What features would you use the most in your Amazon Prime Student program?Virgo. Happily married. Mommy of boys. My yorkies are humans too!Loves shopping and has a profound obsession with makeup and skin care. Coffee is fuel. Chocolate is life. Sunscreen is never optional. Recently, I told you how I thought many people would forego in person holiday shopping this year, instead making their purchases online. Last week, several large retailers including Target TGT, Walmart WMT, and Dicks Sporting Goods DKS announced they would not open on Thanksgiving Day this year, for the first time in many years. The announcement from Target summed up the situation very well. Historically, deal hunting and holiday shopping can mean crowded events, and this isnt a year for crowds. In addition to TGT, WMT, and DKS several other retailers have also announced that they will keep the doors closed, and customers and employees safe, this Thanksgiving. I dont know if you remember when these companies announced they would actually open on Thanksgiving Day, but I do. It was a big deal. There was a lot of debate around the sanctity of the holiday, but in the end shoppers showed up in person to grab deals.

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